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International Medical Group headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana has been providing medical insurance products for millions of international students studying worldwide since the 1990s.
The medical insurance products are comprehensive and meet most of the individual requirements of the students.

Claims Information
Claims Department: International Medical Group P.O.Box 88500 Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500
Fax: 317-655-4505
Toll Free Number: 1.800.628.4664

Student Insurance Plans

Patriot Exchange

Patriot Exchange Insurance is ideal for international students studying in foreign countries or taking part in any cultural exchange programs. The coverage and benefits are developed to specially meet the J1 visa insurance requirements while a student is in the US.

Patriot Group Exchange

Patriot Group Exchange Insurance provides short and long-term coverage for groups comprising of atleast two students studying in foreign countries. The coverage and benefits of this Insurance is designed exclusively to meet USA’s J1 visa insurance needs.

Student Health Advantage

Student Health Advantage Insurance provides long-term coverage for students studying in foreign countries. This insurance meets visa reqiurements, covers maternity, offers mental health coverage and covers organized sports

Patriot America

Patriot America provide coverage for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country to pursue their studies.

Global Medical

Global Medical Insurance offers the flexible, long-term, worldwide medical insurance program for individuals and families. It provides Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum plan.

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