TRAWICK INTERNATIONAL Trawick International Study Abroad Basic Health Insurance

Study Abroad Basic provides medical and evacuation benefits when traveling outside the USA. This plan offers a higher level of coverage and some additional benefits.

What's covered?

Plan Maximum

Maximum for Injury or Sickness
$100,000 per accident/sickness per period of coverage


  • This plan is eligible for a student, teacher or chaperone and involved in a Study Abroad program outside of home country and not in the USA.
  • This plan provides weekly and monthly rates and meets Schengen Visa requirements.

Plan Details

Deductible Per Injury or Sickness ?
$50 Deductible per accident/sickness per policy year

Plan benefits

Hospital Room & board(including Intensive Care) 100% of URC
Ambulance Benefit Covered to Policy Max per Policy Year
Emergency Room 100% of URC
Emergency Medical Evacuation $50,000 max per Policy Year
Repatriation of Remains Up to $25,000
Maternity Covered to Policy max; conception must occur while the covered person is insured under the policy
Routine nursery care of a newborn child of a covered pregnancy URC up to $500
Dental accident injury (including Palliative Treatment) $100 per tooth, max $500 per Policy Year
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Principal Sum $10,000
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