Visa for International Students

The content below has details of the different student related visas that are issued by the US consulate and the corresponding insurance options for each category.

F1 Visa
International students studying in the US for a full-time course at an accredited American institute are issued the F1 Visa.

J1 Visa
Travelers coming to the US on the Exchange scholar program are issued the J1 visa. This program aims to promote better understanding between US citizens and citizens of other countries through educational and cultural exchanges.
M1 Visa
The M1 Visa is issued for international students in the US for a short period for technical or vocational training.

F2 Visa
F2 visa is issued to the Spouse and dependents of F-1 visa holders.

J2 Visa
J2 dependent status is issued to the spouse and unmarried minor child of the J1 Exchange Scholar in the USA.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is an option available to international students on the F1 visa which allows the international student to work in the US before or after the graduation in the university.
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