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Trawick Trawick International plans provide coverage for COVID 19 as long as the plan is effective before the individual gets sick. Here is the trawick student plans Collegiate Care Standard, Collegiate Care Preferred, Collegiate Care Gold and Collegiate Care Silver.
Collegiate Care Standard plan provides insurance coverage for international students actively engaged in education or research activities in the USA. Buy online
Collegiate Care preferred plan provide student health insurance coverage for those temporarily residing outside their home country and actively engaged in education or research activities in the USA Buy online
Collegiate Care Plans provide student medical insurance coverage for those temporarily residing outside their home country or country of permanent residence and actively engaged in education or research activities in the USA Buy online
Collegiate Care Silver Plan provide student health insurance coverage for those temporarily residing outside their home coutry and actively engaged in education or research activities in the USA Buy online
TravelInsure Logo TravelInsure Covid19 student health insurance by Study USA (Plus, Preferred and Platinum plans ONLY) offers international health insurance with coronavirus coverage for students outside their home country.
Medical coverage for international students studying in the US or US students studying outside the US Study USA Insurance from Travel Insurance Services is designed to provide health coverage to students who are in the US and US Students outside US to pursue their studies. Buy online
Tokio Marine HCCIS logo International Students can buy Covid19 Student Secure Select,Student Secure Budget, Student Secure Select, Student Secure Elite which offers coverage for eligible expenses from treatment of COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.
Worldwide Health Coverage for Students pursuing their Education Abroad. Student Secure Select Insurance provides ideal medical coverage for students and scholars who are planning to visit foreign countries to pursue their studies. Buy online
Student Secure Budget Insurance from Tokio Marine HCC provides medical health coverage which fulfills the specific requirements of the students traveling abroad for studying. Buy online
Student Secure Elite Insurance provides ideal medical coverage for students and scholars who are planning to visit foreign countries to pursue their studies. Buy online
IMG Logo Patriot Exchange and Student Health Advantage Insurance cover medical expenses resulting from COVID-19.
Patriot exchange is offered by International medical group (IMG). Patriot Exchange Insurance provides student medical coverage for students and exchange scholars in foreign countries taking part in cultural exchange programs. Buy online
Long-term, Worldwide Medical Insurance Coverage for Students. Student Health Advantage Insurance is a long term worldwide medical insurance for international students studying outside their home country. Buy online
INF Logo The INF travel insurance works well if the student is currently uninsured or has to supplement an existing policy for Coronavirus coverage. If the student wants to replace an existing policy that does not provide adequate insurance coverage in light of the coronavirus pandemic then he/she can buy the INF travel insurance. INF offers the INF Elite Network insurance, and INF Premier insurance plans with Covid19 coverage. These INF plans are quite affordable and many students are even buying this plan to complement their existing insurance option which has limitations in coverage for COVID-19. Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get student health coverage even for COVID-19!
The Elite Network plan is the only short-term insurance plan. INF's pre-existing conditions coverage for non US citizens travelling to the USA. Also, It covers all ages up to 99 years old. Buy online
This fixed plan from INF provides full pre existing condition coverage which includes doctor appointments, blood tests, specialty care, urgent care visits and hospital stays. Buy online
Seven Corners Logo Seven Corners offers Liaison Student Plus insurance which covers expenses from treatment of COVID-19 (the disease); SARS-Cov-2 (the virus); and any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2. It is available for international students in the US or outside their home country.
This plan offers Coronavirus international student health insurance for Foreign students in the US or outside their home country. Buy online
Student health insurance

Things to remember while buying best student medical insurance for international students in the USA

Why is the need for international student health insurance?

Irrespective of the age you are, how well is the health conditions and how well traveled you are, the risk of unexpected medical emergencies is unavoidable. Such risks in the United States is not easy to handle without proper medical insurance.
“Uninsured -anticipate for your pockets to be Deep” Medical and healthcare facilities are very expensive in US. In case the student has a medical emergency or illness on campus, the student will have to pay for the medical bills from his or her personal funds which can be very expensive.

Fulfill the visa requirements on health insurances

Having proper student medical insurance is one of the requirements for the visa approval while applying for the US student visa. The student medical insurance will differ based of the visa status of the student.
A J1 visa student must have adequate student medical insurance fulfilling all requirements set by the visa authorities and the US department of State. Whereas a student with F1 the student medical insurance is determined by the educational institution the standards. So check carefully if the student insurance you are purchasing meets the visa requirements as well.

What does the student insurance cover you for?

For international students in the United State most US insurance companies design their plans to provide coverage that meets the requirement of the students, however checking closely and understanding what coverage is required for the insured is crucial. A student medical insurance in US covers all unexpected illness and injuries. Preventive care and wellness care is usually not provided in student insurance covers. All charges relating to emergency treatment given to the insured will be payable by the insurance coverage. If the student has any pre-existing health conditions be conscious of buying an insurance plan which covers the prospective medical needs such as prescription drugs. Additional coverage for eye, dental, emergency evacuation, repatriation of the remains or trip interruptions etc. should be purchased separately with an extra premium.

Choose a high quality and trustworthy student medical insurance provider.

It is of utmost important to choose a high quality student insurance product with a trustworthy insurance provider. One can find numerous channels to purchase student health insurance cover for international students, however deciding who is trustworthy amongst those is a difficult task. To help you with that America student insurance is an trusted platform where you can get insurance quotes from different highly reputed US insurance provider. These insurance providers offer international students with insurance quotes that are competitive, and at an affordable price while fulfilling the requirements of international student medical insurance. At America student insurance, you can get from the most basic coverage to a comprehensive cover with maximum benefits. The plans are self-explanatory and easy to understand for a student. It is therefore advisable to be extra cautious while purchasing a student medical insurance as this may be factor to regret in future if ignored.

Do not delay getting insured

Given the unpredictable nature of our healthcare needs, it is important to stay insured at all times. Getting the student medical insurance while applying for the concerned student visa is best. In any event, having proper student medical insurance is a requirement to apply for the US student visa approval.

Remaining eligible for the student insurance.

Few insurance providers in US have distinctive suitability credentials such as the number of attended hours in a class each week that determine the eligibility for an insurance. So make sure you check for the eligibility criteria well, if you cannot follow them then it’s a waste of money.

Student insurance terminology

While the student is getting to learn a lot on the international student medical insurance, you also need to understand few important terms in insurance parlance:
  • Premium: Is the mount that you pay for the coverage you are purchasing. It can be monthly or annually.
  • Co-payment or co-pay: A percentage of fixed amount has to be paid by the insured for the medical services rendered.
  • Claim: Is to apply for settlement or payout in case treatment availed due to any medical emergency or injury. Proofs are usually required for complete the process of claiming
  • Co-Insurance: Further to the deductible some insurance covers might include co-insurance which usually a percentage that you will be paying after the deductible is reached the limit or exceeded.
  • In and out of network: In US all student medical insurance will fall under one of the categories Health Maintenance Organizations-HMO or Preferred Provider Organization-PPO which means if the procedures are performed by definite individuals who are in and out of network the rates differ for the service
  • Deductible: A predetermined price that needs to be paid before the insurance starts. This will impact the premium, the monthly payable will be lesser if the deductible is higher.

Understanding Legal Jargon

At time even brilliant students can misunderstand the American student health insurance coverage provided by the insurer hence its best to discuss the cover you want to buy with the insurance advisor you may know to understand the coverage provided better.
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