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International students coming to the USA on a F1 visa are in for a very exciting stage in their lives. Studying in an American university is a privilege and a dream for students from all over the globe. International students should however be prepared for academic challenges as well as challenges beyond their academics. The lifestyle, cultural interactions, culinary habits, means of transportation, sporting activities, weather conditions, traffic rules, health care facilities, importance of insurance, US laws are unique to the USA, and will be expectedly different from the students home countries. However, students can prepare for these differences by reading about it before they actually arrive in their universities. With the availability of information online, international students can get detailed information regarding different aspects of life in American universities fairly easily.

International student are expected by their universities to purchase student medical insurance. This is very important given the high costs of healthcare in the USA. International students simply cannot afford to be uninsured while e studying in the USA. Any medical expenses incurred while in a US college can have financially catastrophic consequences on the student, and this can adversely impact ones study in the university. While international students can purchase student insurance plans offered by the University, these plans are quite expensive. International students can look for other available insurance options online and even compare quotes of several different companies using different comparison websites. At American student Insurance, international students can compare as well as buy student health insurance plans offered by US insurance companies. The coverage of these student plans are designed specifically to help international students live in the context of the expensive health care system in USA. International student insurance plans cover the student while they are staying in USA. Students should review the eligibility criteria for buying these plans. Most of these plans insist that the student is enrolled in a university as a regular student.

Given the myriad insurance options that international students have, it is often confusing for students to understand the insurance parlance and terms such as coverage benefits, co insurance, PPO network, premiums, deductibles These terms are difficult for people outside the insurance industry and can be even more confusing for students from outside the country. At American student Insurance, students can get to review and compare different international student insurance plans. Along with comparing the quotes itself, they can also compare different coverage benefits as well as limitations of the different plans. This way students can make an informed decision before buying international student insurance.


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