Tips for International Students in the USA

International students in the USA would spend their first few weeks getting acquainted with their new campus, coursework and making new friends. It is good to become familiar with your college environment early in the semester. You can focus more on your courses and academic learning as the semester progresses.

Firstly a few things to do in the campus

  • Familiarize yourself with the campus about where you need to go when registering for courses, the university health care center, the restaurants to have your meals
  • There will be an academic adviser in the campus and you can take an appointment to learn and decide about the courses. The adviser can also help you through the registration process at the campus.
  • There will be student identification card which is like your passport within the campus. You can get the card from Student Identification Office.
  • There will be student union, recreation center and sports teams in the college. You can make best use of the facilities in the campus.

Medical insurance coverage for international students

One of the most important things for international students is to get covered under a proper medical insurance cover while staying in the USA. There are international student insurance plans designed by American Insurance companies which can satisfy the insurance requirements of different universities/schools/colleges in America.

Following are some of the best student insurance plans available for international students.

  • Study USA Insurance: This plan is administered by Travel Insurance Services and underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania. The applicant must be below 66 years and should hold a valid status in the USA. There are two plans under Study USA insurance with effective medical benefits.

  • Liaison Student Insurance: International students and educational professionals coming to the USA are eligible to buy this plan. Seven Corners, Inc administers Liaison student insurance and underwritten by Nationwide Fire Insurance Company.

  • Student Secure Insurance: HCCMIS administered Student Secure insurance plans are available as select and budget plans. After an initial purchase student secure insurance plan can be extended up to 364 days.

  • Patriot Exchange Student Insurance: International students and exchange scholars coming to the USA can buy this plan. There is Basic Short Term Travel Plan which is economical and there is Standard Short Term Travel Plan which can satisfy the US visa travel insurance requirements.

Compare Student Medical Insurance plans

Students coming to the USA to pursue their studies can compare international student insurance free quotes and make an informed choice. Student insurance plans are designed to meet medical benefits and the sum assured can satisfy the university requirements. International students from across the globe can get free quotes and compare plans at American Student Insurance. To learn more about student insurance plans, contact customer support team at +1 (877) 340 7910.


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  • Tips for International Students in the USA

    International students in the USA would spend their first few weeks getting acquainted with their new campus, coursework and making new friends.

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