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International student medical insurance with Coronavirus coverage for students

A number of international students currently stranded in the US or outside their home country are either without proper health insurance, or having medical insurance that does not provide coverage for Coronavirus. At American student Insurance, we are dedicated to getting you the best Coronavirus student medical insurance coverage available in these uncertain times. Currently the following companies are offering international student medical insurance with coverage for coronavirus.

Seven Corners Covid19 Insurance :

Note: For new policies starting after May 1, 2020, Seven Corners plans (Liaison travel insurance, Liaison Student Insurance and other plans) will NOT offer coverage for COVID-19 disease.

INF Insurance :

The INF travel insurance works well if the student is currently uninsured or has to supplement an existing policy for Coronavirus coverage. If the student wants to replace an existing policy that does not provide adequate insurance coverage in light of the coronavirus pandemic then he/she can buy the INF travel insurance. INF offers the INF Elite Network insurance, and INF Premier insurance plans with Covid19 coverage. These INF plans are quite affordable and many students are even buying this plan to complement their existing insurance option which has limitations in coverage for COVID-19.
Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get student health coverage even for COVID-19!

Trawick International Insurance :

Trawick International plans provide coverage for COVID 19 as long as the plan is effective before the individual gets sick. Trawick International requires pre certification in case of requirement of coverage for COVID 19. That is, the insured needs to call the insurance company and let them know the need for COVID 19 coverage. If there is a chance of cancelling the plan, then it is important to check the terms and conditions of cancellation for that particular plan.Here is the trawick student plans Collegiate Care Standard, Collegiate Care Preferred, Collegiate Care Gold and Collegiate Care Silver.


*The policy covers COVID-19 subject to the terms and conditions of the policy normal limits and policy conditions including pre-ex, so if you already have the virus - it will not cover you. If you are in the incubation period when you buy, it will be considered pre-existing condition.
* Testing for COVID-19 will be covered under your policy if you are sick, are referred by a medical practitioner and it is carried out at an approved facility, subject to the terms and conditions in your policy.
* In the event that a test proves positive and requires treatment, members can be assured that all associated treatment costs would be covered under the normal benefit limits and terms of their policy. Please ensure these are pre-authorized with the GBG Assistance team.
Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.


The information presented on American Student Insurance is for providing resources for international students. The resource provided here is in no any way intended to indicate any relationship between your school/college/university and our company. International students should verify directly with the concerned school/college/university to confirm whether this student insurance meets your university student insurance requirements.
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