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Long-term, Worldwide Medical Insurance Coverage for Students. Student Health Advantage Insurance is a long term worldwide medical insurance for international students studying outside their home country. Student Health Advantage Insurance meets visa reqiurements, covers maternity, offers mental health coverage, covers organized sports and also covers pre-existing conditions after 6 months or 12 months based on the rider eligibility. Benefit Period is minimum 60 days. For more details of Student Health Advantage Claims Information

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Max Coverage Options

  • Be an active Participant, Spouse of the Participant, or Children traveling with the Participant and residing outside his/her primary Country of Residence for a temporary period of time, and if Destination Country is the United States, Insured Person must hold one of the following visa types:F1/F2, J1/J2, M1/M2 or A1/A2
  • Be at least 31 days old but not yet 65 year old.
  • Be physically and legally residing in the destination country with the intent to reside there for at least 30 days on the effective date and at renewal.
  • Not be hospitalized, disabled, pregnant or HIV+ on the initial effective date.
  • If plan is purchased for a minimum of three months, coverage may be extended up to 12 months from the initial effective date.
  • If there is no breakage in the coverage, the plan may be renewed for up to 5 years.

What's covered?

Plan Maximum
Lifetime Maximum Limit?
  • Student - $500,000
  • Dependent - $100,000
Maximum per injury/illness
  • Student - $300,000
  • Each Eligible Dependent - $100,000

  • Charges incurred outside the US or Canada: Company pays 100%
  • Charges incurred inside the US or Canada
    • In PPO or Student Health Center: Company pays 100%
    • Out of PPO network: Company pays 80% of the eligible expenses up to $5,000; then 100% thereafter.

Deductible Options
  • $100 per injury/sickness
  • $5 co-pay per visit if treatment is received in Student Health Center.
Provider Network clarifications
PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization and is a network of health care providers. Insurance companies form these in order to control the costs of health care.

Plan benefits

Emergency Medical Evacuation $500,000 lifetime maximum
Emergency reunion $50,000 lifetime maximum
Return of mortal remains $50,000 maximum
Political Evacuation $10,000 lifetime maximum
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Student - $25,000 principal sum; Spouse - $10,000 principal sum;
Dependent Child: $5,000 principal sum;Dismemberment Levels: Scheduled
Terrorism Coverage $50,000 lifetime maximum
Incidental trip coverage Up to a cumulative 14 days(available for non-U.S. residents only)
Pre-existing Conditions Covered after 12 months of continuous coverage
Intercollegiate /interscholastic/intramural or club sports $5,000 maximum per injury or illness
Adventure Sports Rider covers insureds up to age 65
0-49 years - $50,000
50-59 years - $30,000
60-64 years - $15,000
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